Unfortunately it has been discovered that a brand of cable bought in from Asia from some of the bigger companies is now facing recall. We can announce that we have never purchased or used “Infinity” cables for any of our instalations. Our equipment is bought through AWM Suppliers who have confirmed to us that they have never sold that brand. The cables we often use are “ACI” and “Electra” Below is the ACC statement for more information.

“Eighteen electrical retailers and wholesalers recalled Infinity electrical cables due to safety concerns on 27 August 2014.

The cables were supplied in NSW (2010-2013); ACT (2011-2013); in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia & Western Australia (all 2012-2013) and in Tasmania in 2013. It is estimated that around 40,000 homes, commercial and residential buildings could be affected.

A taskforce of consumer agencies, building regulators and electrical safety regulators are coordinating the safety recall.

In addition to the 18 recalls negotiated by the ACCC, state and territory regulators are working with a number of other local suppliers in relation to cable they supplied. Details of those local area negotiations being managed by state and territory regulators are expected to be announced in due course. A nineteenth smaller wholesaler has completed a recall of the product.

The safety fault is poor insulation

Infinity and Olsent-branded Infinity cables failed to meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality plastic coating. Testing found the insulation on the ‘TPS’ and ‘orange round’ range of cables will become brittle prematurely, especially if exposed to prolonged high temperatures. Once the insulation is brittle, physical contact with the cables could dislodge the insulation and lead to electric shock or possibly fires.

No immediate danger

The taskforce found there is no immediate danger; however, careful steps need to be taken to stop electric shock or fires from occurring in coming years. No accidents have been reported, but the longer-term risk is real. The cables will degrade over time and the risk of physical contact is highest in roof spaces and under raised floors.

Safety first, use a professional

Don’t attempt to inspect cables yourself. If you have had electrical wiring work carried out on your home or business in 2010-2013 (in NSW), 2011-2013 (in ACT), 2012-2013 (in Vic, Qld, SA & WA) and in 2013 (in Tas) you need to contact your electrician to check if recalled Infinity electrical cables were used.

If you are unsure who did the original electrical work, talk to your builder.  If you don’t know who the builder was and are unsure if Infinity cables are installed, use a licensed electrician to inspect your wiring.

Fixing the safety problem

  • If an electrician supplied and installed Infinity cables in your home, and that cable was sourced from one of the cable suppliers undertaking a safety recall, then you are entitled to ask the electrician and the supplier to fix the safety problem under the recall
  • In addition to the safety recall by wholesalers and retailers, state or territory building or electrical safety regulation may apply in relation to the compliance of the installed Infinity cable
  • The consumer guarantees of the Australian Consumer Law may also apply in respect of the substandard quality of the cables. While it depends on the circumstances, consumers may be entitled to a broader remedy involving full replacement of the cables or refund of the installation costs from the relevant builder, electrical contractor or appliance installer.”
ACCC Recall on “Infinity” Cable Announcement